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Guider Innoventures Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer and supplier of sporting equipment and traditional games. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment designed to meet the busy demands of Indian and western market. Guider Innoventures is an initiative started to remove the complexity out of the process of sports industry.

With the prime focus on innovation, excellence and durability, our extensive product line-up includes cricket bats, leather balls, tennis balls, badminton shuttles, cocks, football, chess boards, carom boards, gym machinery and all protective gears. We also provide customisable solutions to cater the specific needs of all sporting agencies from the different corners of the world. At Guider, we use the finest handpicked wood, rubber and other environment friendly products without disturbing the environment and natural resources. It takes us hours of detailed workmanship to create the perfectly balanced and finished product involving many small processes. Great attention is taken in every process to ensure the perfection in the sanding, polishing, labelling and gripping.

We bring traditional sporting experiences and professional craftsmanship to today’s modern, competitive game. With the demands of modern game, players and fitter and stronger than ever require sophisticated equipment that brings the traditional qualities of the game making to the folklore.


Guider Innoventures, based in Meerut (NCR), has around 300 employees all around the country. The company enjoys a healthy professional relationship with almost all the national and international sports bodies and associations. Guider Innoventures has also signed up with the internationally recognised and emerging talents of the country. In near future, Guider Group is in the process of acquiring more stake hold in the National Sports Circuit.

We, at GUIDER are proud sports manufacturing hub specialising in cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, indoor games and other protective gears. With cutting edge technology and a deep understanding of athletes’ requirement, we constantly provide top-tier sporting gears suiting each individual’s needs. We predominantly sell products via retail chains, online partners and directly to over 200+ associations worldwide. Experience the thrill and follow the passion for the game like never before with Guider Innoventures.

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